Union Pacific 20p ( R.01 )

Our train is of classic design, electric and carries 20 kids and adults in its 3 wagons and the steam engine. The train’s passengers let their imagination run free and embark on an enjoyable fairytale journey! The wooden fencing not only creates a safe play area but adds a different esthetic touch. Fencing and operator included.

At the maximum track outline it occupies 19m x 9m space.

Circuit: length 10,2m-18,8m , width 4,2m-10,2

Train: 20 seats with individual belts, LxWxH: 10,9m x1,1m x 2m, 4 carriages(3  wagons & a steam engine

Technical Features: Total weight 1.500kg, max power 2,5KW, power supply 220 volts-16A, Track voltage 24Volts, Max speed 8km/h

Can be combined with an impressive tunnel station to make the experience uniquely magical!!

Tunnel dimensions (LxWxH): 5m x 3,2m x 4,5m


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