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Retro Arcade games (E.07)

Dimensions : 82 cm  / 68 cm /  141 cm height
Cabin Features: 2 Joysticks   //  12 buttons   //  2 start buttons  //  2 credits buttons  //  Free Play  //  Display TFT 22” ιντσών  //  2  Stereo speekers // 2 stools  //  3.000 games available  

Favourites: Tetris, Pacman, Bubble bubble, Pang, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid, Invaders, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat

A blast from the past for adults! Share your favourite arcade classics with your kids or your friends.

Ideal for premium, promotional and corporate events.

Branding:  marque with LED light - design of your choice (dimensions 66,5cm x 15,5cm).

Power supply demanded 220V.


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