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Drones (E.03)

Age: 10+  //  2 oparators included

Parrot mini drones //  2 identical obstacle courses with 4 obstacles &ndash 20 pieces in total  //  10 batteries  //  2 battery multi-charges  (need 220V power supply)  //  2 tablets for controlling the drones // 1 laptop

Are you ready to fly? The drone frenzy excites kids and adults!
Innovative technology, action and entertainment  are the game's characteristics!
But it's not just a drone's a challenge!!
The player has to navigate his drone through obstacles to the finish line.
The two identical courses accommodate two players.

A unique game for the groundbraking technology and action lovers!

Ideal for premium events, promotional programs, corporate events.
Overall, drones are perfect for fantasy driven events! 

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