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Digital LED Timer (Ε.06)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 63cm x 11cm x 27cm

Ηeight of digits: 15cm

Readable at 80m

A professional electronic digital timer with LED and font size of 15cm to cover every need for timing and displaying.
The uses are numerous, such as in athletic fields, speed races, pool centres, competitions and wherever displaying time at long distances is demanded.

The electronic timer shows real time and temperature indications when it is not used as a timer.
It is highly accurate due to a special timing crystal.
Therefore it is approved by many athletic federations.
It also has a 4 alarm operation as a staff working clock (start, brake and end). IR remote web.
Can be operated either by long range remote controller or by a computer (wired or wirelessly) with the special software.

Those timers have 4 digits.
Their brightness is automatically adjusted by a built up sensor depending on the outer lighting conditions or can be controlled by the remote or the PC.                  

LEDs have an impressive red colour.
They have high brightness for use in the daylight.

Counter-down and up-counter timer use.
Built in horn for start, end and pause. Stop-start (time freeze) operation.

Electrically powered (220V).

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